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IFMSA members interested in receiving a certificate of involvement from the Dean of Students, must have completed a total minimum of 12 hours before the end of Term 5. At least, 8 out of 12 hours must be from IFMSA specific events. The following is a list of approved activities that can count towards your hours, including community service. Please note that whether you are online or in Grenada, at least 2 hours must come from IFMSA involvement this term. Please email Crystal Hallisey for approval of community service hours before you participate to ensure that they will be eligible to be counted.  


Please remember to report ALL hours on the hour submission tab on our website. You will only receive credit for reporting your own hours. In addition, if you need to check your total hours, email Crystal!

To get approval for hours or have any questions, please email Crystal Hallisey at

IFMSA specific hours: 

  • Any IFMSA event including GBM, volunteering at health fair, attending workshop, Teddy bear clinic, etc. 

  • Being involved on a committee or serving on executive board

  • EXCHANGES do NOT count!


Other hours: 

  • Volunteering at another organization's event that relates to IFMSA core focus (ie. PHSA campaigns, OSO beach day)​

  • Volunteering at local clinic, blood drive, health fair, health promotion events

  • Participating in COVID response tracking 

Additional Considerations: 

  • Hours will not count if you are paid for your service!

  • Hours you are reporting must be DURING the term. We will not accept late or retrospective hours.

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