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What's It All About!

The Standing Committee On Medical Education (SCOME) was one of the first standing committees formed when IFMSA was established.

SCOME Vision: Medical students attain an optimal professional and personal development to reach their full potential as future doctors for better health care worldwide.

SCOME Mission: Our mission is to be the frame in which medical students worldwide contribute to the development of medical education. Students convene in SCOME to share and learn about medical education in order to improve it as well as benefit the most from it on a personal and professional basis.

Areas of Focus

  1. Advocacy and External Relations

  2. Collaboration

  3. Participation  and  Representation

  4. Capacity  Building

  5. Management  and Sustainability


  1. Capacity building activity

  2. Education activity

  3. Advocacy activity

  4. Research activity

  5. Fundraising activity

Activity Highlights

Secret Cupid

SCOME Committee helped many SGU students celebrate Valentine's day & raised funds for charity

Hospital Visits

Tour the Grenadian hospital to learn more about the country's healthcare system

Hands Up
Diversity & Inclusion

Help incorporate Diversity & Inclusion into the medical curriculum 

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